Since 1979, Don Lekei has been providing a wide range of technology solutions from custom hardware, firmware, and software design to product and business planning. Supplying, configuring, and servicing computers has been an ongoing service since 1998, when it did not violate any agreement with an employer, for example it was suspended from late 2005 to early 2013 to avoid competing with his employer.

People often look at technology in a historical vacuum. They think the latest idea will be the next hot item. Usually it takes an idea several tries before it truly succeeds. Those who learn from the past can see the future.

Don has been developing online applications, custom hardware and software designs, business planning, and computer service since late 1970s and founded his first consulting company, Cansoft Data Inc., in 1980.

He has been involved in pioneering such technologies as BBS servers, Interactive voice/data messaging, satellite delivered data services, fax terminals, customizable browsers, multimedia satellite services… the list goes on. Microsoft even called on Don when they wanted to make Internet Explorer customizable for ISPs, OEMs, and other special cases.

Whether you are looking to have a web site built, want advice on an invention or business plan, have a new technology you want properly beta tested, or are having problems with your PC, Contact Don today! He can help!